Summer and the City

Summer and the City

10-06-2024 (17:20) - FT Trend Cult

If something says “summer is coming” more than seeing everyone wearing sunglasses and sipping on sangría, it is this newest edition of FT. Trend Cult. Last month we rediscovered the hype around books, and this month, we will be reading them from a deckchair by the swimming pool. How does Gen Z plan to “live life to the fullest” this summer? The answer is far from our phones’ screens! Keep reading for more.

In an era characterized by constant change and fleeting trends, it's important to prioritize certain things to ensure time doesn't slip away. To enjoy summer 2024 to the fullest, this is what we at FT. Trend Cult will focus on.

To Do’s or Not to Do’s

As you may know from our previous articles, we love talking about lists and nostalgia–after all, Gen Z is all about it. That is why the vibe for this summer is making bucket lists. Yes, the ones we used to curate as kids back in early 2010’s, full with vibrant colors and tacky visuals. These lists are designed to make the most out of the summer, while also reminding us to appreciate simple summer activities. DIY crafting experience with just a pen and paper–while listening to “Summer” by Calvis Harris, of course–can offer a small break from our phones while also giving the nostalgic feeling we, as a generation, crave. Same goes for junk journaling – another way of indulging in nostalgia. These journals are loaded with old concert wristbands, train tickets, sentimental items, and recycled materials, creating a space to cherish memories.

It Really Is That Damn Phone

And why are Zoomers suddenly becoming crafty? We have started to romanticize “living life to the fullest”, which can be summarized as shifting from an “observer” to a “doer”. This summer, Zoomers want to consciously choose to be the main characters in their own lives. Even if the activities that we want to partake in are, in some way, inspired by what the protagonists on the screen did. Such as Laura’s wish to go to Greece looking for her Mamma Mia moment–just for the musical and dancing bit, of course. Whether you got inspired by Pinterest or not, the aim is to do something off-screen that makes you stay present; that is Gen Z’s understanding of a “full life” this summer.

“Zoomers want to consciously choose to be the main characters in their own lives”

Au Revoir, Comfort Zone

Finally, summer 2024 is all about taking risks and challenging yourself. We’re not necessarily talking about bungee jumping or shark diving, but more about dancing like no one’s watching. When was the last time you cringed at yourself, especially after an eventful night out? This summer, we introduce a new mantra: “I am cringe, but I am free.” Remember that TikTok video of a girl engaging in what seemed like an embarrassment exposure exercise? She laid on the pavement in a busy street, explaining it as a method to help her body become accustomed to embarrassment until it no longer bothered her. We need more of this! To truly enjoy summertime and allow ourselves to make new memories, remember that it’s only embarrassing if you are embarrassed. Shame is a mindset! Maybe laying on the ground in central Amsterdam is not the vibe, but exposing yourself to shame is. So, if you want to talk to that one person at the bar or belt that one note in Olivia Newton-John's “Hopelessly Devoted to You” at a local karaoke bar–just do it.

We at Trend Cult have already prepared a few bullet points for our bucket lists. Martina plans to learn how to sew, Laura’s looking forward to visiting Barcelona, and Vlada’s plan is to learn how to bike (no judgment, please). What we're getting at is, in this constantly shifting landscape that defines Generation Z, it's important to seize the moment. As said by Mr. Ferris Bueller: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” So, make a list, take a risk, and get off that damn phone. Looking forward to compare our tan lines in the next edition. See ya in a month!

Yours truly, FT. Trend Cult.

Photo in header: Me/We - Girls enjoying festival life and summer on the big colorful outside "dancefloor" by Stig Nygaard