Rethinking the power of tangibility

28-08-2023 (16:47) - Partnerbijdrage

Rethinking the power of tangibility: the vital role of print and visual merchandising in amplifying brand awareness

We’re all looking for more connection. Here’s how print can make the difference your brand is looking for.

In a world saturated with brands and messaging, creating a strong brand experience that cuts through the noise is paramount. Brands are turning more to the offline world to connect with their audiences, with out-of-home campaigns surging in recent times.

Another important way to create visibility is through tangible touchpoints, such as packaging, lookbooks and visual merchandising. These elements show an extra layer of care and creativity and give the consumer something physical to remember you by, versus the forgettable quick scroll of a social media post.

Print materials such as seeding kiths, influencer packages, premium goods and window materials bring a whole new dimension to a brand experience. The choice of paper, the various textures and depths of ink, the multitude of details show the brand’s commitment to quality and creativity.

"Our family has its roots in print. For years, we ran printing company Chevalier together. Robert Chevalier (co-owner) and I continued this family business after the tide turned toward digitalisation and we adjusted the Colourcake service offering to what it is today.
Our print network is stronger than ever and we act as the go-between our clients and the top print professionals in the business", says 
Rogier Cammaert – CEO VM & Print.

Time to reframe how we see print

We’re fully in a digital era. Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, AI is the topic on everyone’s lips and things we never thought possible are happening with the touch or swipe of a button. But if you’re able to combine a strong online presence with a thoughtful and creative print strategy, you’re able to show a whole other side of the brand that the digital world doesn’t give you. It’s not an either or situation, it’s about finding a synergy between the two and using each touchpoint to strengthen your connection with your audience.

Rogier Cammaert:“Our four pillars - branding, content, design and print - can be weaved together for clients to enhance their brand and story. We believe that we can make a real difference because we offer all of these services and know from our experience how to seamlessly connect and translate them into the ultimate end result." 

About Colourcake

Colourcake is a creative production agency based in Amsterdam's Houthavens. For more than 10 years, the agency has focused on creating content, branding, design and print-related projects for fashion, lifestyle and hospitality brands including; Patagonia, citizenM,Tommy Hilfiger, Mayoneur, The Social Hub, The Athlete's Foot, Diageo, Puma, Breitling, Mizuno Sportstyle and many more.

This isn't about saying goodbye to ink and paper; it's about saying hello to a world of endless possibilities. Interested in the power of print? Please contact: