King Cannes

21-06-2023 (13:26) - Cannes

Today’s update will be slightly different. Instead of highlighting all the interesting talks, cool beach clubs or awarded work, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce the man, the myth, the legend, Martijn Thijssen. Founder of Artbox Amsterdam, a creative agency, production company & representation agency.

Every year during the Cannes Lions, Martijn rents the same villa on a small mountain behind the festival. From the outside it looks like any other fancy french house on the coastline, but after walking through the big white gates you quickly realize that this is something completely different. Martijn is championing young talent and Dutch creativity, this year he is housing a big crew from PlusPlusOne, sponsor of YoungDogs and facilitated a poolside panel discussion by the people from RA*W.

This was followed by a big BBQ where all the managing directors, creative directors and founders of Amsterdam agencies were invited. It was honestly magical to witness, seeing the fresh and hungry creatives get the opportunity to mingle, share a burger and make lifelong connections with everyone from the industry. Martijn is succeeding in bridging the gap between the young and the old lions. He himself is a big ball of positive energy, bouncing around telling stories, filling up the ice buckets with beers & rosé and making sure there is enough food for everyone.

Even though we are all at the Cannes Lions Festival at the same time, it is easy to get lost on the various dancefloors, talks and branded events. But yesterday Martijn made sure to gather everyone under the same roof for a night to remember. Thank you!

Daniel Bunde-Pedersen
Senior Creative