Camouflage Against the Machines

24-06-2023 (07:39) - Cannes

It's not very often you get the chance to meet so many people from our industry at the same time. This includes our colleagues from Dentsu who arrived from all over the world to showcase and share their creativity. We met Hiromi Saito, associate global business representative from Dentsu Lab Tokyo.

The lab focuses on new experiences and executes solutions to social issues by interfacing enterprises, universities, institutes, and artists.

We live in an age of Al surveillance. The system transforms our everyday behavior into data and abuses it for efficiency and pursuit of profit. As a countermeasure against the arrival of this kind of surveillance society, Dents Lab Tokyo and Qosmo produced clothing with camouflage patterns utilizing Adversarial Patch techniques to evade being recognized by Al surveillance cameras. By wearing UNLABELED clothing, the wearer reduces the chances by 75.93% of the Al recognizing you as a "person".

We as creatives love new technologies, and most of the time embrace everything that feels new and exciting. These things are indeed what moves the global society forward, but with this philosophy we must remain critical and remind ourselves about the ethical principles before implementing new technology into our business, education and politics.  

 Diederik Mulder & Daniel Bunde Pedersen