Appen met Morten Grubak over de VICE HQ in de Metaverse

31-03-2022 (16:36) - Appen met

De Metaverse: het is een veelbesproken plek waar bureaus en media massaal op springen. VICE Media Group is één van die partijen die al een Metaverse HQ opende. FONK sprak met Global Executive Creative Director bij VICE Morten Grubak over het proces.
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Hi Morten! this is Anne from FONK. Are you available for a whatsapp talk about the metaverse HQ?
Hi Anne:)
I’m free to chat

Great! So I'm wondering; did you guys get started on your vice HQ right when the metaverse was launched?
Would you be open for a call instead of text?
Or is texting better for you?

Texting is the format that we do the interview in!
Well, the term ‘Metaverse’ is more like a overarching umbrella  -word for the entire space, where Decentraland is one of the many Meta-worlds in the Metaverse (if that makes sense)
We started working in Decentraland last summer, but the house warming was in Feb this year:)
Nice! It was received pretty well right?
Yes, our ambition was to bring “real” award-winning architecture into the metaverse -for the first time in history
We are super excited about the outcome as well

Very cool
It’s a very organic space you can redesign or change the floorplan as much as you want:)

The perks of digital

So what really is the added value of having a digital space like this? What are some of the options people should be thinking of when considering visiting Decentraland?
For us -and our clients, the space serves as a “Sandbox”.
The metaverse is still very young, and we all have to reinvent and reimagined what an meaningful experience looks like in Decentraland, so that’s what we use it for, exploring the new opportunities.
If you are a new guest in Decentraland, the best place to start is to check out the event plan. Here you will find everything happening in the space as you enter.

Fair enough
So the best is yet to come, I guess
Do you expect other (media) companies to jump on the bandwagon? not just large companies?

Yes indeed, it might not be in Decentraland, but i’m sure every media group is working on a metaverse strategy.
TIME magazine is a great example of a media company using NFT’s to create a new subscription model

Oh cool, I hadn't heard about that! How does it work?
With most people getting their news from social media, it’s been extremely hard for any media to make people pay for journalism. - but TIME magazine has created a series of NFT’s that gives you life time access to all their content as long as you own it + plus the NFT is a art work by itself.

Basically using NFT as an access key

How does the creative process of creating something for the metaverse differ from any other work that you have done? Did it help to think outside of the box or is that something you already always do ;)
He he, 6 months ago, basically just showing up in the metaverse was seen as an “idea”. But now, the frenzy is slowly getting back to normal - which means you have to treat every metaverse-brief as an “traditional creative process”.
A this point, the most needed skill-set for the metaverse is: Creativity
It’s a bit like when YouTube appeared. Uploading a traditional tv show on the platform didn’t work as well as the thousands of V-logers getting millions of viewers on home productions. The platform is different from traditional flow-TV, and so are the metaverse, creativity is the tool to make find that new format

Haha fair enough!
Thanks for the chat, Morten! Have a good rest of your day!