Youth Take Over Cannes Lions Playa with UnderDogs Party to Kick Off the Festival

Youth Take Over Cannes Lions Playa with UnderDogs Party to Kick Off the Festival

04-06-2024 (14:06) - Cannes

The Croisette Beach is the heart of the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. By day, it features branded beach zones from the likes of Facebook and Spotify. By night, it transforms into a hub of exclusive parties hosted by top brands, accessible only to those with the right connections. Amidst this extravagance, one party stands out for its unique vibe: The YoungDogs Party.

This event is organised by the Dutch non-profit organisation Jonge Honden, dedicated to shaping the next generation of creatives. At its core, the organisation focuses on amplifying youth representation in the advertising industry and at the Cannes Lions Festival.

This year's party theme holds special significance as a tribute to one of the most challenging years in YoungDogs' history. We shamelessly acknowledge our struggles, but we refused to falter. We are the Underdogs, fueled by resilience and determination. In the face of adversity, we continue to shape the next generation of creatives.

Our presence at the Playa in Cannes is a bold statement of our support for youth. Even in prestigious arenas like Cannes, we demand to be seen and heard. Our youth is not a weakness but a source of strength.

We know there are many like-minded individuals out there. This party wouldn't be possible without the support of our friends, agencies, studios, and production companies from The Netherlands. This year's stunning artwork was created by Artbox Amsterdam, a centre for creation since 1976, and the artist Nouch. The collective effort to bring youth representation to Cannes demonstrates the widespread commitment to nurturing the next generation of the advertising industry. With this year's event, we hope to inspire even more people to join us.

Celebrate the future of advertsing

Party takes place on June 18th at 64 Bd de la Croisette, Croisette Beach, to celebrate the future of advertising.